On the schedule for today was more packing and the removal of the bulk of the stuff since wandering through the house has become an obstacle course of sorts.  I wouldn’t mind, only I packed my camouflage gear and assault rifle ages ago.  Anyway.  I was expecting Chris and Peter again, and a few guys with the truck to started the loading..  I got Peter only, he arrived at 8am looking like a human ice lolly, it is cold here.

” It’s f-f-freezing” he said, teeth chattering and glueing himself to the radiator.

“I can tell,” I said.

 “Oh well,” says he, “At least it isn’t snowing.”

Cups of tea all round and down to work.  I didn’t say anything at first, I didn’t want to upset him.  You know how sometimes you go somewhere and everybody asks where your husband/sister/anyone-other-than-you is?  It’s annoying right?  You want to say, ask me how I am first and appreciate the effort I have made to be here, (removing my pyjamas and leaving the house) and then ask me where he/she is.  So, I left it.  About half an hour in, I nonchalantly mentioned the truck.  

“So,” I said casually, “You know those wardrobe boxes I asked you for yesterday?  Will they be coming with the truck?”  I was very proud of how I worked in the boxes too.  Go me.

“Oh, we’re a van short because one of them broke down, so we won’t be doing any pre-loading today.”  And there it was, equally casually, like this wasn’t a big deal, and we could continue to pack and pile boxes into the ever-decreasing space when neither he nor I could lift any of them to even stack them more efficiently.  (He is recovering from knee surgery, I am a pathetic weakling)

He finished packing up the kitchen (or thought he did at least 6 times, but I kept finding more things for him to pack).  I was busy fretting about what I needed but the truth is, that without saucepans, you are pretty much limited to sandwiches.  Even cereal is an issue because we packed all the bowls.  So this weekend will involve a lot of take out, and picnic food.  Expensive and fattening – terrific.

Anyway.  It gets to about lunchtime, and although nothing is said, I can see the curtains twitching across the street.  The moving company arranged for a parking suspension that occupies four car parking spaces outside my house and neighbouring houses and everybody is wondering why there is no truck parked outside and they are having to walk to France to park their cars.  Fortunately, I had arranged for a man with a van to come and collect some stuff to take it to my brother’s place, and so a truck was parked outside the house for about 10 minutes.  I am going to start getting hate mail.  Oh wait, I don’t care.  I’m leaving.

So I am filling boxes, and he is wrapping stuff, and we do a tour of the house and he points out other stuff that needs wrapping, etc etc.  I am going in and out of the house with rubbish.  D took a day off work and was busy sorting out her stuff.  I asked her to do a charity shop run and take some stuff to the dump.  We leave the house and no word of a lie, it starts to snow.

Snow!  Like moving wasn’t stressful enough, we now have to do it in a winter wonderland setting.  I only put our snow boots into a box yesterday for goodness’ sake.  It’s that Peter.  He jinxed it.  You never say at least it isn’t snowing.  It’s like saying of course it won’t break. Or at least we’re not losing. I believe it is called tempting fate.  My sister and brother-in-law were travelling to Australia with their daughter two years ago.  They had taken lots of formula because you can’t get the formula she was drinking in Aus and K was worried that she might be allergic to another brand.  K said to A as they were in the final stages of panic  packing: 

“Did you put all the formula in one suitcase?”  He replied that he did.

 “I think we should put some of it in the other suitcase in case they lose the one with the formula in it.”

“Calm down, K. They won’t lose our luggage.” But K insisted.  And A unlocked the suitcase and juggled and re-shuffled stuff.  And the airline lost the suitcase that would have had all the formula in it and didn’t return it for four days.  Tempting fate – an illustration.

So not exactly an auspicious start to the move.  Presumably on Monday the truck will arrive and I will have to be the one standing outside in the snow making sure that they are not taking the wrong stuff to storage.  

Before that though, I have to get through a whole weekend of not being able to cook or prepare stuff in the kitchen and I am already feeling tense about it.  It is supposed to be liberating.  It just feels limiting.  Oh well, at least Scott Caan hasn’t just walked into the room naked…