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Cards on the table, this is a bid to preserve my sanity over the coming weeks.

Three days ago I sat and wrote about the corona virus and how it was affecting my state of mind.  I have just re read through it and I am not going to bore you with the details, but it was a bit angsty and self-indulgent.  It was helpful to write, but not really helpful to read, so lucky you!  You don’t have to. Read the rest of this entry »

Wherever I am, whatever the distance I have to travel when I leave somewhere, I always go to the bathroom before I go.  There is no scenario where I think – it’s only a few minutes – what could possibly go wrong?  Firstly because thinking that is practically inviting something to go wrong, and secondly because I channel my namesake grandmother in many things, but this one apparently first and foremost.  Read the rest of this entry »

 Yesterday morning the doorbell rang unexpectedly at 07:30 and distractedly I accepted a package that wasn’t for me.  By the time I realised it, it was too late to hand it back to the postman so I thought I would take it to the Post Office on the way to my morning chores.

This was a big mistake. Read the rest of this entry »

So yesterday was election day here in the UK.  We were voting for MEPs and local councillors.  At least I think that’s what we were voting for.  The whole build-up to the elections thing completely passed me by and it was only because a friend posted on Facebook that she had voted that I remembered it was today.  I don’t object to voting, quite the opposite in fact, I think we should vote because frankly there was a time not too long ago where many people didn’t get to vote, so I figure since we can, then we should. Plus which I am Greek.  Imagine being a Greek who doesn’t eat olives doesn’t eat fish and doesn’t vote.  I’m telling you, I would be de-Greeked quicker than you can say Opa!  or some other Greek cliche. Read the rest of this entry »

 My parents are in town at the moment.  They arrived ten days ago, to spend a traditional Greek Easter in London.  Everyone else beats a hasty retreat back to the motherland, but my parents arrive in time for Holy Week every year.  I suppose it is what they are used to, and all their children live here, but if I’m honest, I don’t see the attraction.  Read the rest of this entry »

Earlier this week, after much liaising and planning, we took delivery of the stuff that we visited in Chingford a few weeks ago.  As usual, the exercise involved a complicated sequence of events, but we are seasoned professionals at complicated these days, and it has obviously rubbed off on the storage company who no longer bat an eyelid when we throw outlandish requests at them. Read the rest of this entry »

Last week, we heard of the passing of a lady who lived on the island or the rock as it is also known.  She was extremely old, and in fact, rumours of her death have circulated every year for about 15 years now, until someone spotted her and she lived to tell another story.  Alas, this time, the rumours were true and she is no longer with us.  Read the rest of this entry »

As today is exactly one year since I published my first blog post,  I tried to remember what led me to starting the blog in the first place.  I would love to have a story about how I had dreamt of doing this for years and years and finally built up the courage/found the time/ was inspired to give it a go.  The truth is much less interesting (as with most things in life).  Read the rest of this entry »

After being presented with a long list from Dad, the first order of business was getting the builders in.  So I called the builder.  This is the same guy I have used for all the repairs here.  He is a nice guy, on time, reliable and he gets the work done when he says he is going to, in the time frame he promised and for the price originally quoted – which isn’t outlandish.  As far as I am concerned you cannot ask for more from your builder.    Frankly, good builders are so hard to find that most people settle for two out of the six things I have mentioned.  I mean this guy practically has a superhero cape for goodness sake.  Read the rest of this entry »

I know that for some people, making new year’s resolutions is an integral part of their life experience.  Each year in December they start to think about what they need to do to improve themselves and how they could make positive changes in their lives.  Some people write stuff down, type it up and probably even laminate it. The mere fact that I am writing about this now, almost a week into the New Year should indicate how organised I am about making New Year’s Resolutions.  The fact is:  I am not making any.  I feel like I tweak things as I go along, and just as they say you shouldn’t make any major decisions after a traumatic event, the same applies to Christmas and the New Year.  Image Read the rest of this entry »

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