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On Monday evening, D and I set off to our yoga class.  Those moments as we drive to where the class is are always bittersweet – the feel-good factor that we are about to do something healthy and positive, combined with the (sometimes quite strong) feeling of dread and anticipated discomfort.  Read the rest of this entry »


Some time ago, my brother suggested this app for my phone.  It is supposed to be an app that keeps you healthy.  It basically counts your steps every day and gives you a target.  At least, that is how I use it.  It actually does a lot more than this, but I feel that anything more is an intrusion, and really I do not want to be told by my phone on a regular basis that I am unfit, unhealthy and going to die sooner than later. Frankly, I would rather not know; I like surprises. Read the rest of this entry »

After a few months of being able to think of nothing but the move, I now feel a bit lost.  I mean, we have unpacked, I tidy obsessively, and hopefully soon, the flat will seem cosy and just how we like it.  Probably by the time we move again in 6 months.  What has happened in the meantime however, is that I no longer have a social life, or in fact any life apart from one that involves movers, boxes, rubbish and the council. Read the rest of this entry »

After about a year of no exercise whatsoever, I thought it was time to start moving again.  Previously, I have enjoyed dancing or a gym class with weights or walking.  This time, to allow for the fact that I feel as though I am walking slowly through thick molasses all the time, I thought I would try yoga.  For me, yoga has always been something that other people do.  People who can sit on the floor cross legged comfortably for several hours and never fidget.  People who can stretch without pain, and put their noses to their knees (with straight legs).  Fit people.  Not. Me. Read the rest of this entry »

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