Last weekend, my aunt and uncle decided to open their home to some business colleagues of their lodger.  The lodger, A, is a young man around 30 who works for a Japanese bank.  He thought it would be nice to have a barbeque in a relaxed setting, and have his team over.  He sold it to them as an opportunity for my aunt’s family to make business connections with Japanese bankers.  They are nice people, very hospitable and friendly, and agreed to have the barbeque at their lovely home.  After all, they are in possession of a large and very beautiful garden, so space wasn’t an issue.  The event quickly escalated from an intimate BBQ to 50-60 people.  By the time our family gets together, we are 35.  Add to that another 20 or so Japanese, Korean and other assorted nationalities, and there you go, 60 people.  Because of the relaxed nature of the event, everyone was going to bring something. Read the rest of this entry »