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About a week ago, I geared myself up for a family experience that I was dreading.  It has been some time now that we have been making noises about going to see the stuff that we have in storage.  There are some things that I wanted to bring here because it was a shame for them to be gathering dust in a giant warehouse when they could be gathering dust at home.  We had put a lot of our stuff into storage when we moved out of the family home five years ago.  These items which are stored in a large warehouse in Chingford, Essex were out of sight but definitely not out of mind.  In fact, they were occupying a lot of the space in my mind palace. Read the rest of this entry »


You know the day isn’t going to go well when it takes 3 weeks to come up with a date that works for everyone.  But, we found the day, and I had gotten as ready as possible, making sure everything was labelled and shut and there were detailed lists of what was to go where and when.  This time, we had three men and a van coming, there were the contents of the room that time forgot and some large items of furniture to be split between a storage garage, my flat, and my brother and sister’s homes. Read the rest of this entry »

Here are some of the best things about living in my new place. Read the rest of this entry »

 ImageMoving day three dawned finally, and what a miserable day it was.  We had been lucky with the weather so far and the two previous moving days had been dry. This meant that the furniture came in dry and the boxes weren’t soggy, always a plus.  I was up at 05:45 (not by choice) and started putting last minute things away, stripping the beds etc. Read the rest of this entry »

 The days in between moves were not as one could assume dead days.  I spent them all either packing at the old flat or sorting at the new flat.  I was still travelling back and forth with suitcases and managed to convey my entire wardrobe in this manner, thus eliminating the need for wardrobe boxes which the movers kind of hover and wait for as you empty them.  This not only adds to the stress, but it also means that you are unable to spend any time thinking about where to put stuff as you are just throwing clothes into your cupboard willy nilly.  Read the rest of this entry »

I had lulled myself into the (extremely) false impression that this move would be less complicated.  I recognised early on how blessed we are to be able to do this at our own pace, to have the luxury of not having to be out of one place and into another in one day.  I thought it would be better to get the stuff from storage in, and then move ourselves in.  This, in the theoretical part of my brain, seemed to make sense, it would give us the opportunity to unpack some boxes before moving in thus making the transition slightly more painless. Read the rest of this entry »

First day I got back, I had a meeting at the flat to discuss setting up cable television.  I have been spoilt in my previous homes (well – apart from this one) because everywhere we have been so far we have been in charge of our own destiny so to speak.  In other words, the dish or cable came into our house, and that was the end of that.  We could watch stuff whilst recording other stuff, and generally be TV happy.  Now though we are attached to a communal dish.  Read the rest of this entry »

I am fortunate to have several well-meaning and generous friends who have offered to help me in my endeavours.  I have for the most part refused, although I have not ruled out the possibility of asking them to help with heavy lifting later on. For the moment however,  most of the offers of help have been welcome, very much appreciated but refused.   Read the rest of this entry »

I have talked a lot about the things that we keep that we don’t need, but what is really difficult to deal with is the stuff that we don’t need, but we want to keep because it has sentimental value.  Things we keep  because they remind us of happy times, or people who are no longer with us, or because they have some importance in the history of our families.  I know people who never throw out theatre or concert tickets, or birthday and Christmas cards. These people I find somewhat overly sentimental, but then there are (slightly scary) people who keep body parts.  I am not talking about your children’s first milk tooth or lock of hair, but their appendix or tonsils or other such things.  What is that all about?  Silence of the lambs anyone?  Needless to say, I found boxes of our teeth and hair amongst my parents’ stuff, and was suitably freaked out.  They are no longer in our possession. Read the rest of this entry »

They say that  moving is one of  the top three causes of stress in a person’s life.  And yet, I do not feel stressed.  I mean, I know there is a lot to do, and as the move gets closer not enough time to do it in.  I also know that my stress levels will increase as this goes on.  I just do not feel stressed.  However I know that I am. Read the rest of this entry »

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