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Back in mid – July (which now seems like a lifetime ago), I went to Greece for a holiday.  Having made the decision to go, I also paid the extra however much it is to check in an extra suitcase.  Firstly because I always have a suitcase full of stuff for other people, and secondly because this time I was going for almost three weeks which means I also needed to take stuff for myself.  I had already taken a suitcase full in June when I went on a flying visit, but there is always plenty of stuff to take, and paying the extra £25 is cheaper than overweight at the airport, or sending stuff over. Read the rest of this entry »


About half way through my so far injury and illness-free holiday on the island, I noticed that my shoes were tight.  Not tight as in they-looked-nice-in-the-shop-so-I-bought-them-anyway tight, rather my feet were spilling out of the shoes.  I already hated the appearance of my feet this summer as I managed to get the most spectacularly bad flip flop tan lines on my feet and they looked kind of -well- stripey for want of a better word.   I asked my sisters if they thought my feet and ankles were swollen, they agreed that they were. Everyone told me to put my feet up so I spent that afternoon in bed with my feet elevated instead of at the beach. Read the rest of this entry »

Every holiday starts with a plan. My plan was to spend just over three weeks away in Greece: the motherland. I was to spend a few days in Athens, then go to the island for 10 days, then back to Athens for my cousin’s wedding and some catching up with family and friends. It was a good plan, a solid plan, a plan I could work with. Read the rest of this entry »

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